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Breaking the Chronic Nightmare of Lyme Disease
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You can heal from Lyme disease...
Without Fail.
This is the roadmap of how to heal.
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A compelling study of how to regain health and conquer Lyme disease.

This book is filled with practical understanding about the untalked about complexities of Lyme, and interlaced with real-life stories of severely disabled people returning to vibrant healthy lives. From the reasons why people are too weak to fight off Lyme disease, to the hormonal and sexual dysfunction related to all chronic illness – this book covers it all. A must read for everyone trying to get healthy and free!

A person cannot address their failing health without knowing what is wrong!   
Healing Detox & Elimination            Candida Lyme Connection
How Your Body Works                       Foods Destroying Health
Hormones Sex & Frustration            Healing Lifestyle
Healing Immunity                               Why Protocols Don’t Work       Avoiding Failed Care                          Get Your Life Back

Comprehensive Functional Evaluations – The Key To Restoring Health

This book contains videos & links – critical to your healing. They can be found at HealthfullyU.com
Dr Brad Montagne is a Veteran Functional Medicine Researcher & Clinician. Coined a “clinical genius” by colleagues – He has over a 30 years of restoring health to even the worst of failed care cases. 
Thousands have experienced life changing healing at rates that few the top clinicians could hope to offer.

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